How Do I Integrate my Shopify shop?

Let’s say you have a Shopify shop that you want to integrate to xShopper.

First of all there, here are a list of things that you need to make the communication between your shop and xShopper secured.

Email Validation

You would also need an email address from the domain like

To register this email to your profile, in the xShopper app go to:

  1. Profile -> Edit Profile -> Email -> Update your email address and click Save.
    Once you’re done registering, you will receive an email to validate your email. Click on the link in the email.
  2. If your email is verified you will have an email verification notification in your profile page, that can be found right under your display image.
  3. Now you should able to manage your shop.
  4. It will be visible under Profile -> Edit Profile -> Managed Shop
  5. Next, ensure that you have the currency of your shop setup.


xShopper needs to be notified on product updates, and changes, so we would definitely need a web-hook for product updates, deletes and changes.

Go to Settings -> Notifications

Scroll down to webhook and click on “Create webhook”

Setup the webhook as follows:


Do the same for Product Creation, Product Deletion, and product Update and now you should see something like this:

And bellow the list of webhook you will see the

xShopper part

In the xShopper App, go to the Integration page for the Shop:

Click on Profile -> Edit Profile -> Managed Shop -> Edit Profile -> Integration

Webhook Menu
Type : Shopify
Protocol :https
Shared Secret 2 : here you should paste/type the code Shopify sign the calls.

Create Orders in Your Shop

When you get an order in xShopper, we will automatically create an order in your WooCommerce shop.


  1. Click Apps and Manage Private Apps
  2. Click on Generate API Credentials

Private App Name: xShopper

Change the “Product Information” to Read access

“Orders, transactions and fulfillments” to “Read and write”


and Click Save. Now you should see something like this:


As for xShopper, click on the xShopper App’s Integration page for the Shop:

  1. Click on Profile -> Edit Profile -> Managed Shop -> Edit Profile -> Integration
  2. Paste/type the API Key under API Key
  3. Password to Password
  4. Shared Secret under Shared Secret 2
  5. Leave the rest of the fields empty.

and click Test and load products.

For more questions or information, feel free to contact us via email us at